Amitabh Singhal

Director TelXcess Consulting Services and PIR Board Member

Award Category Connection

What is your personal connection to your judging category?

I come from a country, India, which is the 2nd most populous country with almost a 5th of the total humanity,  estimated to be 1.38 billion as of mid 2020. 

The country faces several and real myriad issues, with Environmental crisis being one of the most crucial challenges. Some of them are: 

Alarming levels of Air Pollution, Water pollution, Deforestation & loss of Bio-diversity, poor Waste Management and Sanitization, primitive Agricultural practices, effects of rapid and poorly planned urbanisation, Global Warming effects, Natural Disasters, et al. 

Feeling and experiencing poor quality of environment around us, makes it a day to day living problem for people like me and is a real concern of what we are going to leave behind as an environmental legacy for the next and future generations. 



Volunteer Motivation

What made you want to volunteer to judge the OIAs?

I’ve been associated with some pioneering NGO’s in India, who do exemplary work in many humanitarian fields.  In the course of these associations, i have had the opportunity to first hand witness and experience the extra-ordinary selfless work they do, to somehow uplift the lives of the deprived and marginalised people and communities. They often do so in extremely difficult circumstances. 

One of these NGO’s, I have been on the Board of, runs a series of Awards program, (in turn somewhat modelled on the World Summit Awards platform), which encourages and motivates several thousand grassroots and other NGOs and non-profits across nearly 36 countries. These regional Awards recognises all  causes undertaken by these civil society players, ranging from advocacy on human rights issues, to undertaking relief work, education, livelihood generation, poverty reduction, rural development, health, environment, agriculture, and many other such causes, using ICT tools. 

I have been on their Juries for several years, recieving, studying, evaluating, understanding their work, assessing their impact, engage in intense debates, and overall help recognise their outstanding contributions towards the society’s benefit. 

I have had the occasions and opportunities to meet and interact with hundreds of them across South Asia, Africa and elsewhere and find it immensely uplifting and satisfying. 

I see the OIA too as an opportunity to give back to these noble institutions and the causes they espouse, by playing a small part in helping them gain due recognition.




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