Purposefully designed to automate the time consuming and variable coordination of food recovery, Food Rescue Hero enables scalable impact on food waste, food insecurity, and climate change.

Since 2016, the Food Rescue Hero network of 14 partners in the US and Canada, and a growing community of 34K volunteer drivers, have diverted 100 million pounds of perfectly good food from landfill and mitigated 66.2 million pounds of CO2 emissions. With Food Rescue Hero, coordination between food donors, non-profit partners and volunteer drivers is reliable, timely and transparent, and yields greater food waste prevention and shrink real time data transparency and greater overall impact.

Leveraging human-centered design, the Food Rescue Hero app offers an elegant, encouraging and positive experience that’s contagious and fuels the movement. The community of Food Rescue Heroes continues to grow and deliver at a 99% service level, outperforming commercial rates.

Food Rescue Hero is also the winner of the 2022 .ORG Impact Award for Hunger and Poverty.



Kageno Worldwide’s mission is to transform impoverished communities into places of hope and opportunity. They believe there is no single solution for communities living in poverty, but that there must be change across multiple sectors, to effectively transform an impoverished community. This is why Kageno works with community leaders to develop programs in four key areas of Education, Healthcare, Income Generation, and Conservation. Their programs operating in Africa address the diversified needs of each community. Kageno is a big picture non-profit, with boots on the ground able to provide the infrastructure, resources, and knowledge needed to develop education initiatives, stronger infrastructures for community health, diversified economies, and a healthier environment.



Hello World’s paradigm-busting solution to the education deficit tackles the twin injustices of lack of educational resources in remote and last-mile communities and the digital divide. Hello World is helping solve the lack of global education by working with the most marginalized communities to build state-of-the-art, Solar PoweredInternet Hubs and bridge the digital divide. Each “Hello Hub” provides free internet access and world-class educational software to over 1,000 people, giving children and adults an education and a voice in the global community. Hello Hubs are built by the community for the community across Uganda and Nepal. Each one provides everything needed to get online and further education.



TIP Sessions focuses on a combination of gender-sensitive response​ to climate change, and technological intervention with lingual and regional context to achieve climate and gender justice. They achieve this through a three-pronged approach of community-led climate action, culture for climate programs and economic empowerment of rural women. Their programs are action-driven and give local communities—particularly, women and youth—the platform and voice to impact their world.

TIP Sessions trains women to collect and segregate waste and use their low-literacy supportive waste management app as a tool to input data and observe the waste, draw insights from the nature of waste collected, recycle or upcycle all reusable waste, and then advise and educate their communities, on ways to reduce unsustainable waste while increasing the proportion of reusable waste. ​The app is made available in the local language and utilizes a lot of relatable imagery and icons for easy navigation and usage. The women are also encouraged to educate their communities on ways to reduce and replace items that generate toxic and unsustainable waste. They work primarily with these women to make a sustainable lifestyle more accessible to them and instill community-wide change.



Pro Mujer has been working to advance gender equality in Latin America for over 32 years. It provides underserved women with financial inclusion, skilling opportunities and health services in order for them to reach their full potential, become agents of change and improve their living conditions.



Limbitless Solutions Inc. (LSI) is a University of Central Florida-based, non-profit dedicated to empowering individuals by creating access for childrenand soon adult first responders and veteransto personalized, high-functioning and expressive prosthetic arms without financial burden, using technology and interdisciplinary efforts to address accessibility issues to increase access and inclusion. They work to empower confidence and increase accessibility in the limb difference community through art-infused bionics and combine engineering and art to promote access and engagement in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) education for a more inclusive future.



In addition to receiving the awards for .ORG of the Year, Food Rescue Hero is also the winner in the Hunger and Poverty category. 

Food Rescue Hero is able to use their highly functional app to reduce waste and deliver food to hungry people in 16 cities involved in their network. They have recovered over 122 million pounds of food, equating to nearly 100 million meals. This also means 66.2 million pounds of carbon emissions have been mitigated through their work.



Mathias Charles Yabe

AkoFresh is a green Agritech organization that is offering sustainable agricultural services leveraging climate smart solutions for improved food security and ensuring ecosystem resilience in local communities. The innovation for AkoFresh is a mobile solar powered cold storage preservation technology that extends shelf life of  perishable crops from the usual 5-day period to 21 days to reduce post-harvest losses and ensure improved livelihood of smallholder farmers. Projects implemented by AkoFresh prioritize the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions especially from food waste, conserving environmental resources, alleviating poverty in small-holders’ farming communities by boosting the local economy, and creating decent employment opportunities for women and the youth.

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